Impeachment: Democrats undoing 2016 election, State Trump Attorneys

President Trump’s attorneys have started protecting him accusing Democrats of trying to overthrow this 2016 election’s result.

Mr. Trump’s defense will continue three times and follows the Democrats’ prosecution case which finished on Friday.

The president faces two charges connected to his own dealings.

Content of impeachment, or the fees, accuse him.

Democrats accuse Mr. Trump of Creating a trip by Mr. Zelensky into the White House according to an investigation.

Mr. Trump is charged with obstructing Congress by neglecting to co-operate together with all the House of Representatives’ impeachment question.

The accusations are dismissed by the president.

The trial at the Senate will determine if Mr. Trump must be removed from the office. Since the Republicans control the Senate and such a move would require a bulk, this is unlikely.

Echoing a lineup heard from several Republicans,” Mr. Cipollone said Democrats were”requesting not just to overturn the outcomes of the previous election… they are asking you to eliminate President Trump in the ballot from the election that is happening in about fourteen months.”

“They’re asking you to do something very, very stern and would submit to you… very, very risky,” he explained.

Much of the abuse of power cost centers on a telephone call in July involving Mr. Trump and Mr. Zelenksy.

Trump defense attorney Mike Purpura insisted that there was no quid pro quo – as claimed by the Democrats.

“Zelenksy felt no tension. The House managers inform they understand much better,” he explained.

At a news conference following the hearing of Saturday, Adam Schiff, the Democrats’ prosecutor, increased of witnesses the issue.

“The 1 question they didn’t tackle at all is the reason why they do not wish to give the American public a reasonable trial, so why they need this to be the primary impeachment situation in history without one witness and with no single record being handed over.

“That should tell you all that you want to learn more about the weaknesses and strength of the case”.

The chief of the Democrats from the Senate, Chuck Schumer, told colleagues that Mr. Trump’s defense team had unintentionally”made an extremely persuasive case for why the Senate should call witnesses and records”.