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Online Sales Section

Now is the perfect time to sell online

People are always on the lookout for a good deal and the internet helps them to locate the things they need. If they are searching for the products you sell they could become your customers. But this can only happen if they find your website and like what they see.

The marketing potential of the internet is enormous and the value of your website cannot be underestimated. It's a shop window that is available 24 hours a day ... every day of the year. No bank holidays, no maternity leave, no sickies - it's online all the time.

Our shopping cart system

We offer an online selling facility that is second to none. Customers can select all the items they require and add them to their shopping cart. On completion, they can opt to pay by cheque or through PayPal.

Whichever method they choose, they are emailed automatically with details of their purchases and carriage charges. The order is recorded in a database, along with their contact details, and a order tracking system is initiated. On subsequent visits, customers login with their password.

The system will produce mailing labels for dispatching the goods and the customer is emailed when the goods have been sent.

Full Management Control

The database includes:

Getting your prices right

Unless you have no competitors, you will need to ensure your pricing structure is competitive because the internet is a very cut-throat marketplace. Prospective customers can easily compare prices without leaving home. That's why you have to offer competitive prices backed by excellent service.