Our Opinion On WebCraft

I think we all have our opinions on the “drag and drop site builders” out there and how they function and the sort of sites they build, so when given an opportunity to have a look at the new WebCraft Site Builder we were expecting something similar but were pleasantly surprised!

It is worth noting that while WebCraft is out right now for anyone to use, it is in early beta, meaning that the eCommerce system wasn’t 100% done and there was very little guidance or documentation, so bear that in mind when reading the review.

Its Fast

Sites are built using bootstrap and are fully client-side, there is no DataBase to speak of, this means that sites, out of the box are very fast, and overall great for SEO, we could see additional ways to improve the site speed, such as optimising the images and using a CDN, which means that the sites could load even quicker! It would be a cool feature if the CDN and image optimisation were there out of the box, just to allow for easy to make but really quick sites.

Templates Galore

Being built for the average Joe means that templates are included out of the box to help ease people into using the platform, and since WebCraft is built on bootstrap, there are tons of templates to choose from with even more easily available for download on the web.

The actual builder is easy to use with lots of features too, meaning that making a great looking site from scratch is also very much possible.

Great Pricing Model

Out of all the free website builders out there, this is the only one I have found that have eCommerce support out of the box and available for all users, which is great!

Pricing for premium accounts starts at $9 which gets you access to the ability to use your own domain and even have custom emails! These help to really show the value of the premium packages.

Developer Friendly

WebCraft has a full code editor and CSS inspector built-in, making this platform really helpful for developers, we could see this working well for Bootstrap developers who want to be able to build sites faster than with pure code while still having access to all their needed developer tools to truly make something bespoke for them or their clients.

Email Accounts

Another unique selling point for WebCraft is that it’s premium email accounts include email addresses, which means you are saving money having email included and not needing to purchase them elsewhere.

In Conclusion

WebCraft, in its current form, looks great! But we could see there were places to improve, some of which we know are being worked on, such as the eCommerce and documentation, but other things we would have liked was more drag and drop modules and more customisation of the current ones we have so far, but overall I would say that for the price of free, WebCraft is 100% worth a look!